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19 secured residental developments situated in premium locations.
Each villa is maintained in its original form
67 villas with 3 - 4 bedrooms and 3 - 4 bathrooms, where you will find your favourite season, enjoy the perfect combination of modern Zen and Modern Loft styles. Tennis court, gym and clubhouse where you can enjoy activities will be located on the territory.
67 villas with 3 - 4 bedrooms
Built-up size: 305 - 380 sq.m.
Land size: 424 - 1005 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $610 499 to $842 290
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BGA Luxury Condominium is a five-floor condominium on the territory of the Grand Avenue villa village, the project area is 28.5 hectares.
Only 4 buildings or 264 apartments in Modern luxury design.
264 apartments
All room area: 58.62- 673.14 m²
Project area 28,5 hectares
Prices: from $284 218 to $3 640 379
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Grand Avenue Luxury Condominium
Grand Avenue is our mega and exceptional project that will be located in the heart of Laguna with an area of 28.5 hectares.
51 Villas in Ultra luxury and Balinese signature design with the land size starts from 852 - 2036 sqm. and built-up size starts from 500 sqm.
The infrastructure of the village is wide roads, sidewalks, walking and jogging trails with amazing landscape and magnificent trees.
Clubhouse, Michelin-starred restaurant, co-working space, gym and yoga studio, OASIS SPA, parking with charging stations for electric cars will be located directly on the territory.

51 villas with 4 - 5 bedrooms
Built-up size: 508 - 1590 sq.m.
Land size: 852 - 2237 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $1 648 370 to $5 728 160
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Botanica Grande Avenue
Botanica Forestique developed with a unique blend of urban living, healthy lifestyle, and natural beauty. 65 Villas in modern luxury design with the land size starts from 674 - 1 168 sqm. and built-up size starts from 424- 567 sqm. 4 bedroom and 5-6 bathroom
65 villas with 4 bedrooms
Built-up size: 318 - 567 sq.m.
Land size: 674 - 1210 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $969 709 to $1 672 670
Eco project
Modern design
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Botanica Forestique
The place you can take a rest, the stunning swimming pool is private. The modern design in the forest you can embrace.
The alluring affordable luxury villa awaits.
54 villas with 3 - 4 bedrooms
Built-up size: 289 - 429 sq.m.
Land size: 418 - 878 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $721 550 to $1 147 580
Modern Loft design
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This is the second phase of the Lakeside project, located on the shores of a picturesque lake. Your unique opportunity to become an owner of a premium Balinese style villa within minutes from the Laguna private resort complex with different entertainments for the whole family.
35 villas with 3 - 4 bedrooms
Built-up size: 329 - 598 sq.m.
Land size: 465 - 897 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $780 430 to $1 478 160
Lake view
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The stunning 360° panoramic mountain view from each villa is absolutely breath-taking and incomparable. This award-winning villa echoes top quality luxury living, which is the signature of BOTANICA Luxury. Surrounded by lush hills and beautifully landscaped, this paradise is within easy access to a vibrant and cosmopolitan community.
25 villas with 4 - 5 bedrooms
Built-up size: 600 - 1 208 sq.m.
Land size: 943 - 2 465 sq.m.
Selling Price: from $2 176 950 to $4 406 520
360° panoramic
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Botanica Sky Valley
With more than 14 years of construction experience AAP Achitecture Properties & Development led by the famous Thai architect Attasit Intarachoti now has been building the 10th Phase of Botanica Luxury Villas project.

Botanica Luxury Villas offers villas for individual orders with a building period of 12 months, flexible payment plans to support international clients and payment schedules according to complete construction stage of your new home.
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